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Q: I am interested in CrossFit but think it’s too intense for me? Do I have to be in shape?

A: No. Plain and simple. We have athletes of all ages and ability levels, from those who aspire to be competitive athletes to those who have never set foot in a gym. Every workout is scaled to your ability level with safety being our first concern. 

Q: What about nutrition? Do you recommend any specific diet plans?

A: In order for you to see results, no matter what workout program you are involved in, you must eat properly. Food is fuel.  At CFI we have a nutrition coach on staff to help meet your goals.  We will sit down with you and discuss what you current diet looks like, what your goals are, and what and how much you should be eating to meet them.  

Q: If the WOD calls for a movement I can’t do, should I just not come in that day?

A: No, absolutely not. For one, you need to work on weaknesses, that’s how we develop. all movements are scaled to your ability level. If you have any concern or injury that might be preventing you from performing a movement, we will show an alternative to do for that day. Just walk in the door!

Q: I’ve heard a lot of people get hurt doing CrossFit. Is that true?

A: If you are physically active, there is a chance you are going to get hurt. We harp on the fundamentals and developing a base understanding and ability level in all of our movements before encouraging athletes to increase intensity, weight, etc.  The first step is to learn the mechanics, then become consistent with them. Only then do we add intensity.

Q: I am new to CrossFit. How do I learn all the movements?

A: Each of our new members with no prior CrossFit experience is required to go through our Beginner’s On-Ramp Program. This program consists of 6 classes that will cover the foundational movements typical seen in our WODs and provide personal training to help you as you begin. 

Q: What is a WOD?

A: WOD stands for Workout of the Day.  Every class the workout is reviewed, and all movements and scaled options are discussed and demonstrated. 

Q: How many days a week will I need to workout?

A:  A lot of that depends on how much you have been working out currently, but we always try and encourage beginners to come in at least 3 days a week. Playing sports, going for walks/hikes, riding your bike, etc. are great supplemental ways to stay active on the days you can’t make it into the gym.